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Monday, 18. August 2014
'true Blood' Postmortem: Tara Buck Talks Ginger's Big Moment | Inside Tv |
By danikasugi, 21:16

Around episode 5, they started like, Oh, maybe Ginger finally has a sex scene with Eric, but they didnt know what it was gonna be. I almost thought they were kidding. There were really no details at all. I think a couple episodes before [we shot Max Workouts for Women it], Alex actually was like, Tara, you know were actually having that scene. And I said, We are? [Laughs] Yeah. All right. Bring it. I heard through the grapevine that originally, the writers thought the punchline to the scene was going to be that Eric was a bad laynot that Ginger comes almost immediately. Were you aware of that? Yes! I heard that, too.
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