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Thursday, 27. November 2014
Men Suffering From Depression May Also Suffer In The Bedroom | Fox News
By danikasugi, 07:24

Sadly, when it comes to depression and low libido, men tend to suffer the most. Whereas women can say Not tonight, I have a headache, men often feel that avoiding sex somehow emasculates them or download the 90 day Workout Max Workout program changes the way their partner views them. And, to be honest, many times women do not understand that all men arent in the mood for sex sometimes, even if they arent depressed. Its just one of many urban legends in this country that needs to be debunked if men and women are going to able to communicate honestly in the bedroom. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Now that you know that low libido is common among depressed men, you might be wondering: Why does this happen? There are many reasons. First, there is the emotional aspect. If you are feeling dejected and worthless, you arent going to feel very sexually desirable or very sexually desiring.
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