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6 Workout Trends ? And What They Mean For Your Wallet - Us News
By danikasugi, 27.06.2014, 19:35

Woman doing crunches at the gym. Hunter loves working out with a weighted hula hoop, which she says can be ordered online for about $35. "It's excellent for the core, and you can squat while you're browse doing it or hold hand weights," she says. "It's very versatile." Some gyms and fitness studios offer hula hoop fitness classes, but it's an easy workout to do at home, and you can even include kids in the fun. [Read: Workouts You Can Do at Home to Avoid Gym Fees .] 5. Barre workouts. Ballet barre classes combine moves from Pilates, yoga and ballet for a cardiovascular and resistance-training workout that can scale up or down depending on your fitness level. "A lot of women [like] it because they're getting more of a dancer's body, a long lift as opposed to getting stocky," Hunter says. However, she warns that these workouts can be extremely sweaty." Most people don't have a ballet barre in their homes, so they usually attend class at a dance or fitness studio, which can range in price depending on the studio and location. 6.
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