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Workout Gear That Knows How Hard You're Working Out - Abc News
By danikasugi, 02.08.2014, 06:08

Athos PHOTO: Athos technology claims to use biosignals from your body to correct and optimize your workout through its new workout gear. Adidas put cleats on shoes in the '50s, Under Armor introduced the this website use of synthetic fabrics. This is the next generation of performance apparel, said Jake Waxenberg, a marketing executive at Athos. The sensors are built into the clothes and everything is machine washable. It was important to make Athos easy-to-wear, said Waxenberg, so the product would appeal to a mass audience. Its for that reason that the gear is also meant to be just as fashionable as it is functional. Its compression fit, sweat-wicking and cooling, the same way Lululemon is, said Waxenberg. It has to look good and feel good to appeal to the fashion people. Athos gear doesnt have wires which, the company said, keeps it as comfortable as any other piece of workout gear on the market.
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