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Celtics First Rounder James Young Cleared After Concussion In Car Crash | Probasketballtalk
By danikasugi, 04.10.2014, 15:20

Armacost points to a new academy study released to The Gazette. It shows that over three years, athletes lagged behind their nonathlete classmates in cumulative grade point average -- 2.71 for the athletes and 2.93 for the others. The school's teams have one of the best graduation rates in the NCAA, and 29 football players made the spring dean's list this year for keeping a B-average or better. The academy is known as one of the toughest academic environments in the country, with stellar ratings for its classes, including No. 2 in undergraduate engineering nationwide.

Whenever a player injures himself away from the court and hasnt returned, the uncertainty of the situation leaves the public in the dark and sometimes fearing the worst. It didnt help that Young, at the time of the crash, wasnt with a team that could disseminate any information and alleviate fears. But Young recently cleared up his status. Young, as transcribed by Kyle Tucker max workouts program of The Courier-Journal : On what happened in his accident: "It was just the car in front of me stopped so fast and I just didnt react fast enough and just rear-ended them.

Miss Teen USA 2014: 6 Things to Know About Newly-Crowned K. Lee Graham! | E! Online

Lee Graham crowned Miss Teen USA 2014! Darren Decker/Miss Teen USA 1. She Changed Her Name Because of Her Big Sister:K. Lee is actually short for Katherine Lee. When she was born, her one-year-old sis had trouble pronouncing the brunette's name, so she simply called her "K." The cute nickname has stuck ever since!

NBA: Why this Team USA injury could be different - ESPN

This goes back to the original Dream Team, the precursor to Charles Barkley's Most Valuable Player campaign in his first season with the Phoenix Suns . Kevin Durant has been candid about the growth of his game because of his experience with the 2010 world championship team . And before George went down Friday night, the story of the scrimmage was shaping up to be the strong return of Derrick Rose . Yes, the best Rose-related news the Chicago Bulls have heard in more than two years came while he was wearing a USA jersey.

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