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The Best Way To Rehydrate After A Tough Workout - News - Dover Post - Dover, De
By danikasugi, 19.10.2014, 07:33

email Look for lower-sugar sports drinks so you dont accidentally overload on it, and make sure you dont rely on them when you should be getting carbs from solid food instead. Energy drinks When youre tired, it can be tempting to grab a coffee or a Red Bull to get fueled up right before a long, taxing workout session. However, this artificial energy high comes at a price : such drinks rely on caffeine and sugar for their energy-boosting properties, which in turn can slow down your ability to absorb fluids, and therefore increase dehydration. The caffeine can also increase heart rate and blood pressure while simultaneously limiting the blood vessels abilities to increase blood flow and oxygenate the body during exercise. If youre feeling tired, do a lower-intensity workout that day, or take a nap instead to re-fuel your body naturally. Protein powder No doubt youve seen that (source) guy in the gym the one who always chugs a milkshake-looking concoction as soon he knocks out his last set of bicep curls. Its a tenet of bodybuilding that you should drink a protein shake (usually whey, casein, or soy ) within an hour of finishing a workout in order to Max Workouts reviews promote muscle growth.
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