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Sugimoto Web Log ? Wednesday Workout: Tour De Ski Prologue Prep With Diggins
By danikasugi, 01.01.2015, 07:56

(Courtesy photo) When it comes to Tour de Ski prep, World Cup racers do a lot more than just chill over the holidays and rest up for the seven-stage tour. Jessie Diggins is one of two U.S. Ski Team members who plans on completing the tour (along with Liz Stephen), and to kick things off on the right foot, she does a prologue practice day about a week-and-a-half out my website from the first event: the freestyle prologue in Obertsdorf, Germany (which takes place this Saturday). Jessie Diggins ready to go in her Podiumwear race suit during her prologue-practice day about a week ago in Davos, Switzerland. We almost never race prologues, and its such a funny distance at 3 km, but in the start of the Tour de Ski we race one! Diggins, 23, explained in an email. I like to take an interval workout and turn it into a time trial to practice my pacing and tempo for a 3km.
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