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6 Exercise Mistakes You're Probably Making | Fox News
By danikasugi, 02.01.2015, 07:13 width='200px' /> Resting Too Long Between Sets We all make fun of the guys who lift a bar twice and then walk around the gym, tapping on their phones for 20 minutes. But you might be surprised just how little rest the typical guy actually needs between sets. Unless you're a bodybuilder and working toward a no-neck, you should never rest for more time than you just worked out, says Hoebel. And most of the time, you don't need to rest any longer than half the time it took you to crank out a set. Rest longer than that and you'll miss out on your workout's calorie burn. RELATED: How To Get Rock Hard Abs Faster 4. Taking Painkillers to Continue Working Out Pain isn't weakness leaving the body. It's your body telling you something's wrong.
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